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w File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter w
.w OpenEdge Architect Source Code File
.w02 Split Archive File
.w3x Warcraft 3 Expansion Map FIle
.wab Windows Address Book
.wad Wally Game Texture Archive
.wad Compressed Game Data
.wal Quake 2 Texture File
.wal Winamp Modern Skin
.war Java Web Archive
.wav DTS-WAV File
.wav WAVE Audio File
.wax Windows Media Audio Redirect
.wb1 Webshots Picture File
.wb1 Corel Quattro Pro File
.wb2 Corel Quattro Pro File
.wb3 Corel Quattro Pro 7 and 8 File
.wba WindowBlinds Compressed Skin
.wbd Webshots Picture File
.wbk WordPerfect Workbook
.wbk Word Document Backup
.wbz Webshots Download Picture File
.wdb Blizzard World of Warcraft Database File
.wdb Microsoft Works Database
.wdf Wiimm Disc File
.wdf WinGenea Genealogy File
.wdf Workshare Compare DeltaFile
.wdf Windows Driver Foundation File
.webarchive Safari Web Archive
.webloc Mac OS X Website Location
.wfc Windows Wireless Network Settings File
.widget Microsoft Windows Mobile Widget
.widget HybridJava Widget
.widget Yahoo! Widget
.wim Windows Imaging Format File
.wk1 Lotus Worksheet
.wk4 Lotus 4 Worksheet
.wks Works Spreadsheet
.wks Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
.wma Windows Media Audio File
.wmdb Windows Media Database File
.wmf Windows Metafile
.wmf Widelands Map File
.wml Wireless Markup Language File
.wmp Windows Media Photo File
.wmv Windows Media Video File
.wp WordPerfect Document
.wp3 Microsoft Photo Story Project File
.wp5 WordPerfect 5 Document
.wpc Pazzles Cutting File
.wpc WordPad Converter File
.wpd 602Text Word Processing Document
.wpd WordPerfect Document
.wpd ACT! 2 Word Processing Document
.wpg WordPerfect Graphic File
.wpl DEC WPS Plus Text Document
.wpl Windows Media Player Playlist
.wpp Serif WebPlus Project
.wpp WordPerfect Color Palette
.wps Microsoft Works Word Processor Document
.wps Kingsoft Writer Document
.wps Translator's Workbench Project File
.wpt Cube 2 Waypoint File
.wpt WordPerfect Template
.wpt Works Template
.wrf WebEx Recording
.wri Windows Write Document
.wrl VRML World
.ws Windows Script
.wsdl Web Services Description Language File
.wsz Winamp Classic Skin
.wtf World of Warcraft Text File
.wv WavPack Audio File
.wz MapleStory Game Data File
.wz Warzone 2100 Data File

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