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t File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter t
.t Turing Source Code File
.tab Tab Separated Data File
.tab Guitar Tablature File
.tag DataFlex Query Tag
.tap Tap Tap Revenge Tap File
.tap Commodore 64 Cassette Tape Image
.tar Consolidated Unix File Archive
.tax TurboTax Tax Return
.tbk FoxPro Memo Backup
.tbk ToolBook File
.tbl StarCraft Information Table
.tcl Tcl Script
.tcw TurboCAD Drawing File
.tcx TurboCAD 3D Model Text File
.tcx Training Center Database File
.tdb eBay Turbo Lister Backup File
.tdt FirstBreak Concrete Test File
.tdt THOR Data Tree File
.te Textease CT Database File
.tef TablEdit Tablature
.temp Temporary (Temp) File
.template Apple Pages Template
.tex LaTeX Source Document
.tex Texture File
.text Plain Text File
.tfa TreeSoft CashFlow Analysis Data File
.tfw World File for TIFF
.tga Targa Graphic
.tgz Gzipped Tar File
.thm Thermwood Macro File
.thm Sony Ericsson Theme File
.thm Thumbnail Image File
.thm Video Thumbnail File
.thmx Office 2007 Theme File
.tib Acronis True Image File
.tif Tagged Image File
.tiff Tagged Image File Format
.tk3 TK3 Multimedia eBook
.tlb VAX Text Library
.tlb OLE Type Library
.tlg QuickBooks Transaction Log File
.tlx Standard Dictionary File
.tmb Timbuktu Pro Connection Document
.tmp Temporary File
.toc Brasero Table of Contents File
.toc PSP Audio File
.toc Eudora Table of Contents
.toc World of Warcraft Add-on Table of Contents File
.torrent BitTorrent File
.tp Beyond TV Transport Stream File
.tpl Adobe Photoshop Tool Presets File
.tpl Document Template
.tpl Canvas Template
.tps Bryce Tree Shape File
.tps Clarion TopSpeed Data File
.tps Multi Channel Measurement File
.trc Oracle Trace File
.trk Pacific Fighters Offline Track File
.trk Garmin Track File
.trk CompeGPS Land Track File
.trp HD Video Transport Stream
.trs WinTrack Railroad Track Text File
.trs Rosetta Stone Language Data File
.trx WebAuthorize Batch File
.trx Visual Studio Test Results File
.trx PASSOLO Translation List File
.trx Firmware Image File
.ts Video Transport Stream File
.ts Nokia Qt Translation Source File
.tsk Pocket PC Skin
.tst TestPoint Test File
.tst TagScanner Text Transform Script
.tsv Tab Separated Values File
.ttx Trados TagEditor File
.tvvi TitanTV Television Listing File
.txd Game Texture Dictionary
.txf Transit XV Pack Translation File
.txf Tax Exchange Format
.txt Plain Text File

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