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r File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter r
.r REBOL Script
.r R Script File
.r Right Audio Channel File
.r Mac OS X Resource File
.r00 WinRAR Compressed Archive
.r01 WinRAR Split Archive Part 1
.r02 WinRAR Split Archive Part 2
.r03 WinRAR Split Archive Part 3
.r30 WinRAR Split Archive Part 30
.ra Real Audio File
.raf Fuji RAW Image File
.ram Real Audio Media
.rar WinRAR Compressed Archive
.raw Raw Image Data File
.raw Raw Audio Data
.rb Rosebud Profile
.rb REALbasic Project
.rb Ruby Source Code
.rbf Retrospect Backup File
.rbf Windows Installer Rollback File
.rbs Windows Installer Rollback Script
.rbs MP3 Ringtone File
.rbs Rebirth Song File
.rcl Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 Project
.rdb Retrospect Backup Set
.rdb N64 ROM Database
.rdb Wavelet Video Images File
.rdf PowerProducer Disc Image
.rdf Resource Description Framework File
.rdf Report Definition File
.rdl MicroStation Redline File
.rec Topfield PVR Recording
.ref Microsoft Train Simulator Reference File
.reg Registry File
.reg Registration Information File
.rem BlackBerry Encrypted Data File
.rep StarCraft Replay File
.rep Grand Theft Auto Replay File
.res Windows Resource File
.res C++ Complied Resource Script
.resx .NET Managed Resources File
.rez Lithtech Game Engine Resource File
.rez Escape Velocity Plug-in File
.rfa Battlefield 1942 Game Package
.rfa Revit Family File
.rfl Reason ReFill Sound Bank
.rfo RoboForm Option File
.rfp RoboForm Passcard File
.rgs Registry Script
.rif Painter Raster Image File
.ris Research Information Systems Citation File
.rm Real Media File
.rmr ResumeMaker File
.rmt Router Firmware File
.rmvb RealMedia Variable Bit Rate File
.rnd PGP Random Seed File
.rnd Random Hash Data File
.rom N64 Game ROM File
.rom Read Only Memory Image
.rpd Roleplay Designer Data File
.rpm Red Hat Package Manager File
.rpm RealPlayer Plug-in
.rpt Crystal Reports File
.rpt Generic Report
.rrr Rhapzodé Resource Repository
.rrr Registry Mechanic Backup File
.rsc Symbian Application Compiled Resource File
.rsd RealSQLDatabase File
.rsm WinWay Resume Deluxe Resume File
.rsp RSLogix PLC Program File
.rsrc Macintosh Resource File
.rss Rich Site Summary
.rss Symbian Application Resource File
.rst reStructuredText File
.rtc Live Meeting Connection File
.rtf Rich Text Format File
.rtm Real Tracker Module
.rtm LabVIEW Run-Time Menu File
.rtp TurboTax Update File
.ru JavaSoft JRE 1.3 Library
.ruf Samsung DVD and Blu-ray Player Firmware File
.run Rune Map File
.run Runscanner Scan File
.rv Real Video File
.rvt Revit Project File
.rwg Random Word Generator Project File

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