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q File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter q
.qbb QuickBooks Backup File
.qbm QuickBooks Portable Company File
.qbo QuickBooks Online Bank Statement File
.qbw QuickBooks Data File
.qbx QuickBooks Accountant Transfer File
.qcp PureVoice Audio File
.qdat QuickTime Install Cache File
.qdf Snapform File
.qdf Label Matrix Label Design
.qdf Quicken Data File
.qel Quicken Electronic Library
.qfx Quicken Financial Exchange File
.qic Windows Backup File
.qif QuickTime Image File
.qif Quicken Interchange Format File
.qif Quicken Interchange Format File
.qif QuickTime Image File
.qm Qt Compiled Translation Source File
.qph Quicken Price History File
.qph Nokia Qt Phrase Books File
.qpw Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
.qrp QuSoft QuickReports File
.qsd Quicken Data File
.qt Apple QuickTime Movie
.qtch QuickTime Cache File
.qtl QuickTime Link File
.qtp QuickTime Preferences File
.qtr QuickTime Extension Resource
.qtx QuickTime Extension
.qxd QuarkXPress Document
.qxp QuarkXPress Project File

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