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o File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter o
.o Compiled Object File
.obj Relocatable Object Code
.obj 3D Object File
.ocx ActiveX Control
.odb ABAQUS Database
.odb OpenOffice.org Base Database
.odf Battlezone Object Definition File
.odf Open Document File
.odf OpenDocument Formula
.odg OpenDocument Graphic File
.odp OpenDocument Presentation
.ods Outlook Express 5 Mailbox
.ods OpenDocument Spreadsheet
.odt OpenDocument Text Document
.oem OEM Setup File
.ofc Open Financial Connectivity File
.ofm OmniForm Form
.oft Outlook File Template
.ofx Open Financial Exchange File
.ogg Ogg Vorbis Compressed Audio File
.ogm Ogg Media File
.olb OLE Object Library
.old Backup File
.one OneNote Document
.opml Outline Processor Markup Language File
.ops Office Profile Settings File
.opt Options File
.opx FlipAlbum Photo Album File
.opx OrgPlus Org Chart
.orf Olympus RAW File
.org Lotus Organizer File
.ost Outlook Offline Folder File
.ots OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template
.ots OtsAV Album File
.out Output File
.ov2 TomTom Points of Interest Database
.ove Overture Musical Score
.ovl Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Sprites File
.oxt OpenOffice.org Extension

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