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m File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter m
.m Objective-C Implementation File
.m Mathematica Input File
.m2t HDV Video File
.m2ts Blu-ray BDAV Video File
.m3u Media Playlist File
.m4a Apple Lossless Audio File
.m4b MPEG-4 Audio Book File
.m4p iTunes Music Store Audio File
.m4r iPhone Ringtone File
.m4v iTunes Video File
.mac MacPaint Image
.mailhost MSN Mailhost Settings File
.mailhost MSN Mailhost Settings File
.man Unix Manual
.manifest Windows Visual Styles File
.map NAVIGON Map File
.map Quake Engine Map File
.map Weather Defender Map
.map Image Map
.mapimail Send To Mail Recipient
.max 3ds Max Scene File
.max PaperPort Scanned Document
.max Action Replay Max Save File
.max OmniPage Scanned Document
.mb Maya Binary Project File
.mbb Kodak EasyShare Data File
.mbb ManaBook Book File
.mbf Microsoft Money Backup File
.mbp Mobipocket Notes File
.mcd Mathcad Document
.mcd MiniCAD Design File
.mcf Watchtower Library Font File
.mcf MasterCook 2 Cookbook File
.mcl Windows Media Center Link File
.md MDCD Compressed Archive
.md Machine Description File
.md Moneydance Financial Data File
.md5 MD5 Checksum File
.mdb Microsoft Access Database
.mde Access Add-in (Compiled)
.mde ArchiCAD Educational Version Module File
.mdf Measurement Data Format File
.mdf SQL Server Database File
.mdf Translation Memory Data Find File
.mdf Media Disc Image File
.mdi Microsoft Document Imaging File
.mdl DigiTrakker Module
.mdl Rational Rose Model File
.mdl Simulink Model File
.mdl Warcraft 3 3D Model Text File
.mdl Half-Life Model File
.mdl Flight Simulator Airplane Model
.mdm Mario Dash Map File
.mdm HLM Multivariate Data Matrix File
.mdmp Windows Minidump
.mds Media Descriptor File
.me Readme Text File
.mem Macro Editor Macro
.mem Mnemosyne Card Collection
.mem FoxPro Variable File
.mem Parallels Desktop Memory Dump File
.mem Virtual Game Station Memory File
.met Presentation Manager Metafile
.met eMule Resource File
.meta RealPlayer Metafile
.mf Java Manifest File
.mht MHTML Web Archive
.mid MIDI File
.mig Windows Migration Backup File
.mim Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Message File
.mix Microsoft Image Exchange File
.mix Command & Conquer Data File
.mkv Matroska Video File
.mlb Visual FoxPro Library
.mm FreeMind Mind Map
.mmap MindManager Map File
.mmf Synthetic Music Mobile Application File
.mmf Microsoft Message File
.mml FrameMaker Maker Markup Language File
.mmo Memory Map Overlay File
.mmp Symbian Project Specification File
.mmp Master Album Maker Project
.mmp MixMeister Playlist
.mmp MindManager Mind Map
.mno Macromedia Design Note
.mny Microsoft Money File
.mo Machine Object File
.mobi Mobipocket eBook
.mod ArchiCAD Module
.mod Camcorder Recorded Video File
.mod Fortran Module File
.mod Neverwinter Nights Module
.mod Amiga Music Module File
.modd Sony Video Analysis File
.mof Managed Object Format File
.moff Sony Video Analysis Index File
.moi MOI Video File
.mov Apple QuickTime Movie
.mp Maya PLE Project File
.mp3 MP3 Audio File
.mp4 MPEG-4 Video File
.mpc Musepack Compressed Audio File
.mpd Microsoft Project Database
.mpd File List Creator Playlist
.mpeg MPEG Movie
.mpf MainActor Project File
.mpf Microsoft Media Package FIle
.mpg MPEG Video File
.mpga MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File
.mpj Minitab Project File
.mpl AVCHD Playlist File
.mpls Blu-ray Movie Playlist File
.mpp Microsoft Project File
.mpq Blizzard Mo'PaQ File
.mps Pocket Streets Map File
.mps Max Payne Saved Game
.mpt Microsoft Project Template
.mq4 MetaTrader Custom Indicator
.mrc mIRC Script File
.mrk DPOF Auto Print Order File
.msdvd Windows DVD Maker Project File
.msf Miranda IM Skin File
.msf Mail Summary File
.msg Outlook Mail Message
.msi Windows Installer Package
.msm Windows Installer Merge Module
.mso Microsoft Office Macro Reference File
.mso Inline E-mail Attachment
.mso Inline E-mail Attachment
.mso Microsoft Office Macro Reference File
.mst Corel Presentations Master Template File
.mst Windows SDK Setup Transform Script
.msu Windows Vista Update Package
.msv Memory Stick Voice File
.mswmm Windows Movie Maker Project
.mtd Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music File
.mts AVCHD Video File
.mts MadTracker 2 Sample File
.mtv MTV Video Format File
.mtw Minitab Worksheet File
.mtx MetaStream Scene File
.mtx MadTracker 2 Extension
.mui Multilingual User Interface File
.mus PlayStation 2 Music File
.mus Finale Notation File Format
.mv MivaScript File
.mvp Movie Edit Pro Video Project File
.mxc2 MAGIX Cache File
.mxd ArcGIS Map Document
.mxf Material Exchange Format File
.mxp Adobe Extension Package
.mydocs Send To My Documents

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