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l File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter l
.lab WordPerfect Label Definition File
.las LIDAR Data Exchange File
.lay DVD Studio Pro Layout File
.lay MAME Layout File
.lay Rhino 3D Layer State File
.lbl dBASE Label File
.lbl NiceLabel Template File
.lcb Living Cookbook Backup File
.lck Program Lock File
.ldb Max Payne Level File
.ldb Microsoft Access Lock File
.ldf SQL Server Transaction Log File
.ldif LDAP Data Interchange Format File
.lex Adobe Linguistic Library Data File
.lib Generic Data Library
.lic Software License
.lid Kodak EasyShare Album File
.lis SQR Output File
.lis VAX Program Listing
.lit eBook File
.lit Literate Haskell Script
.lng Winamp Language File
.lng MAME Language File
.lng Acrobat Language Plug-in
.lnk Windows File Shortcut
.loc GPS Location File
.lock Lock File
.log Log File
.lrc Lyrics File
.lrf Microsoft Linker Response File
.lrf Sony Portable Reader File
.lsp Lisp Program Source Code
.lsp LANsurveyor Poll List
.lst Data List
.lst LightScribe Label Template
.lst FoxPro Documenting Wizard List
.ltr Letter File
.lua Lua Source File
.lvl Game Level File
.lwp Lotus Word Pro Document
.lxf LEGO Digital Designer Model File
.lyr ArcView Layer File
.lzh LZH Compressed File

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