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i File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter i
.i INTERCAL Source File
.i Visual Studio Intermediate File
.iaf Microsoft Outlook Settings File
.ibt Texture and Model File
.ica Image Object Content Architecture File
.ica Citrix ICA File
.icc ICC Profile
.icm Image Color Matching Profile
.icns Mac OS X Icon Resource File
.ico Icon File
.ics IronCAD 3D Drawing File
.ics IC Recorder Sound File
.ics iCalendar File
.id Lotus Notes User ID File
.id2 Windows Live Messenger Emoticon File
.idb Visual Studio Intermediate Debug File
.idc Internet Database Connector File
.idf MIDI Instrument Definition File
.idlk Adobe InDesign Lock File
.idx HMI Historical Log Index File
.idx Movie Subtitle File
.idx Outlook Express Mailbox Index File
.idx Navigation POI File
.idx Index File
.ies IES Photometric Data File
.iff Interchange File Format
.ifo DVD-Video Disc Information File
.igs IGES Drawing File
.iif Intuit Interchange Format File
.ima Disk Image
.imf Id Music File
.img Garmin Map File
.img ERDAS IMAGINE Image File
.img CloneCD Disk Image Data File
.img GEM Image
.img Macintosh Disk Image
.imi Magellan Map File
.imp Audition Impulse File
.in Spyware File
.ind Adobe InDesign Document
.ind Memory Stick Formatting File
.indd Adobe InDesign Document
.indd Adobe InDesign Document
.info Texinfo Document
.info ZoomBrowser Image Index File
.info Generic Information File
.inp MAME Replay File
.inp ABAQUS Input File
.ins Inspiration File
.ins Internet Naming Service File
.ins Ensoniq Instrument
.ins Sample Cell II Instrument Definition File
.int SGI Integer Image
.inv INVedit File
.inx Compiled Script
.inx Adobe InDesign Interchange File
.inx Inkscape Extension Descriptor File
.ip IconPackager Theme File
.ipa iPhone or iPod Touch Application
.ipd BlackBerry Backup File
.ipd BlackBerry Backup File
.ipk Itsy Package
.ipp Inline Guard Macro File
.ipr IntelliJ IDEA Project File
.ipr InstallShield Professional Project File
.ips Internal Patching System Patch File
.ipsw iPod and iPhone Software Update File
.ipt Inventor Part File
.ipx IPIX Image
.irp Internet Researcher Project File
.irx Brewer Irradiation File
.isd Flexera InstallShield Dialog Box File
.isf Inspiration Flowchart Document
.iso Disc Image File
.iss InstallShield Silent Response File
.iss Inno Setup Script
.ist Inspiration Template
.ist InstallShield Project Template File
.isu InstallShield Uninstaller Script
.isz Zipped ISO Disk Image
.itc iTunes Cover Flow Data File
.ithmb iPod and iPhone Photo Thumbnails File
.itl iTunes Library File
.itl iTunes Library File
.ivr Internet Video Recording
.ivr Image Worlds File
.iwd Call of Duty Game Data File
.ix dtSearch Index File

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