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g File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter g
.gadget Windows Gadget
.gam Saved Game File
.gb Game Boy ROM File
.gb1 Game Maker Backup File
.gba Game Boy Advance ROM
.gbc Game Boy Color ROM
.gcd Prassi CD Image
.gcd Generic CADD Drawing File
.gcf Game Cache File
.gdb InterBase Database File
.ged GEDCOM Genealogy Data File
.ged Game Editor Project File
.gen ArcView ARC/INFO UnGenerate file
.gg Google Desktop Gadget File
.gg Google Desktop Gadget File
.gho Norton Ghost Backup File
.ghs Norton Ghost Image Segment
.gi RecordNow! CD Image
.gi Global Image
.gid Windows Help Index File
.gif Graphical Interchange Format File
.gmk Game Maker 7 File
.gml Geography Markup Language File
.gml Game Maker Language File
.gno GenoPro Genealogy Tree File
.gp3 Guitar Pro 3 File
.gp4 CCITT Group 4 Fax File
.gp4 Guitar Pro 4 Tablature
.gp5 Guitar Pro 5 Tablature File
.gpd Graphic PhotoDefiner Image File
.gpg GNU Privacy Guard Public Keyring
.gpi Garmin Point of Interest File
.gpx GPS Exchange File
.grd Photoshop Gradient File
.grf Generic Graph File
.grf DPlot Graph File
.grf Ragnarok Client Archive
.gsd General Station Description File
.gsd Graphtec Vector Graphics File
.gsm Graphic Description Language File
.gsm US Robotics GSM Audio File
.gsm Global System for Mobile Audio File
.gsp Geometer's Sketchpad File
.gsp IMail Error Message File
.gvi Google Video File
.gwi GroupWise Database Shortcut File
.gwp Greetings Workshop Project File
.gz Gnu Zipped Archive

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