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e File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter e
.e00 ArcInfo Coverage Export File
.eas RSLogix Symbol File
.ecf Outlook Add-in
.ecf SageCRM Component File
.ecw Enhanced Compression Wavelet Image
.edb Exchange Information Store Database
.edf ESRF Data File
.edf Estimator Data File
.edrw SolidWorks eDrawings File
.efa Ensoniq ASR File
.efi Extensible Firmware Interface File
.efx eFax Document
.egp Easy Grade Pro Gradebook File
.elf Executable and Linkable Format File
.elf Nintendo Wii Game File
.elf PlayStation Executable File
.email Outlook Express Email Message
.email Outlook Express Email Message
.eml E-Mail Message
.emx eMusic Download File
.emz Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
.enc Copysafe Protected PDF File
.enc Encore Musical Notation File
.enc Encoded File
.enc Electronic Navigation Chart File
.eng Chess Engine
.env Vue Environment File
.env Adobe Dictionary Data File
.env WordPerfect Environment
.enw EndNote Citation File
.epf Edgecam Educational Part File
.epp EditPad Pro Project
.epp TalaPhoto Project
.epp Efficient PPC Project File
.eps Encapsulated PostScript File
.epub Open eBook File
.err AutoCAD Error Log File
.err Error Log File
.err FoxPro Compilation Error
.esp ACD/Labs Dataset
.ess EasySpreadsheet Spreadsheet
.est Construction Cost Estimate File
.est Streets & Trips Map File
.esx Xactimate Insurance Claims Estimate
.etl Microsoft Event Trace Log File
.ev3 Everlock Options File
.ev3 Team Manager Meet Event File
.evt Windows Event Viewer Log File
.ex Euphoria Source Code
.ex4 MetaTrader Program File
.exd Control Information Cache File
.exe Windows Executable File
.exe PortableApps.com Application
.exp Aurora Expert Trace File
.exp CATIA 4 Export File
.exp SonicWALL Preference File
.exp Export File
.exp Symbols Export File
.ext Norton Commander Extension
.exx IBM Linkway MsgPut File

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