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d File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter d
.d D Source Code File
.dal Download Accelerator Plus URL List
.dal DVD-lab Project File
.dap Download Accelerator Plus Partial Download
.dap Access Data Access Page
.dat Data File
.dat SimCity 4 Game Data File
.dat VCD Video File
.dat Exchange E-mail Attachment
.dat Minecraft Server Data File
.data Analysis Studio Offline Data File
.db Windows Thumbnail Cache
.db Windows Thumbnail Cache
.db X-Ray Engine Database
.db Database File
.db Database File
.db X-Ray Engine Database
.db3 SQLite Database File
.dba Palm Datebook Backup File
.dbd DemoShield Project
.dbf FoxPro Table
.dbf Database File
.dbf FoxPro Table
.dbf Database File
.dbk Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Backup File
.dbk dBASE Database Backup
.dbt Database Text File
.dbx Outlook Express E-mail Folder
.dbx Visual FoxPro Table
.dbx AutoCAD Database Extension File
.dcf DisCryptor Encrypted Archive
.dcf Disk Copy Fast Disk Image File
.dcf DRM Content Format File
.dcf Document Computation Format
.dcm DCM Audio Module
.dcm DiskCatalogMaker Catalog File
.dcm DICOM Image File
.dcr Kodak RAW Image File
.dcr Shockwave Media File
.dct AutoCAD Dictionary File
.dct FoxPro Database Memo
.dct Dictionary File
.dct Dictation Audio File
.dcx Zsoft Multi-Page Paintbrush File
.dcx FoxPro Database Index
.dcx FAXserve Fax Document
.dd DiskDouber Archive
.ddb Device Dependent Bitmap
.ddf Diamond Directive File
.dds DirectDraw Surface
.ddt Football Manager Keep Player Data File
.ddt Jill of the Jungle Music File
.ddt Diagram Designer Template
.deb Debian Software Package
.def SmartWare II Data File
.def Module-Definition File
.dem Video Game Demo
.dem Digital Elevation Model
.des Corel Designer File
.des Pro/DESKTOP CAD File
.des QuickBooks Forms Template
.desklink Desktop Shortcut
.dex Dalvik Executable File
.dex Excel Spreadsheet
.dex DEXIS Digital X-ray File
.dgn MicroStation Design File
.dic Dictionary File
.dif Data Interchange Format
.dif Digital Interface Format
.dif Torque Game Engine Model File
.dif MAME CHD Diff File
.dir Adobe Director Movie
.divx DivX-Encoded Movie File
.diz Description in Zip File
.djvu DjVu Image
.dl Zoo Tycoon 2 Data File
.dlc Download Link Container File
.dll Dynamic Link Library
.dll DLL Dynamic Web Page
.dlm Akamai Download Manager File
.dm DRM Delivery Message
.dmg Mac OS X Disk Image
.dmg Mac OS X Disk Image
.dml DynaScript File
.dmp Windows Memory Dump
.dna CA Backup and Migration Backup File
.dng Digital Negative Image File
.dnl DNAML eBook File
.do Java Servlet
.doc WordPad Document
.doc Microsoft Word Document
.docm Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
.docx Microsoft Word Open XML Document
.dot Word Document Template
.dotm Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
.dotx Word Open XML Document Template
.downloadhost MSN Download Settings File
.dpg Nintendo DS Movie File
.dpp Serif DrawPlus Drawing File
.dps DivX Player 2 Skin File
.dream Dream Animated Wallpaper File
.drg AllyCAD Drawing File
.drg I-Doser Audio Drug File
.drv Device Driver
.drw DESIGNER Drawing
.drw Drawing File
.ds TWAIN Data Source
.dsb Orchida Embroidery File
.dsc CoolPix Disk Identification File
.dsk Simple IDs Database
.dsk Disk Image
.dsk Borland Project Desktop File
.dsn Database Source Name File
.dss DCC Active Designer File
.dss Digital Speech Standard File
.dst Embroidery Format
.dst AutoCAD Sheet Set File
.dsv DeSmuME Save File
.ds_store Mac OS X Folder Settings File
.dt2 DTED Level 2 File
.dt2 Windows Live Messenger Emoticon Image File
.dta Chain Engineering Database
.dtd Design Tools Draw File
.dtd Document Type Definition File
.dtf Domino Temporary File
.dtp Publish-iT Document
.dus Readiris Font Dictionary
.dv Digital Video File
.dvd CloneCD DVD Information File
.dvd DOS Device Driver
.dvf Sony Digital Voice File
.dwf Design Web Format File
.dwg AutoCAD Drawing Database File
.dwl TurboCAD Drawing Lock File
.dwp DarkWave Studio Project File
.dwt Dreamweaver Web Page Template
.dwt AutoCAD Drawing Template
.dxf Drawing Exchange Format File
.dxr Protected Macromedia Director Movie

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