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c File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter c
.c C/C++ Source Code File
.c Lite-C Script
.c00 WinAce Split Archive File
.c4 JEDMICS Image File
.cab Windows Cabinet File
.cache Cache File
.cad BobCAD-CAM File
.caf Class Action Gradebook File
.caf Core Audio File
.cal Calendar File
.cal CALS Raster Graphic
.cam CASIO Digital Camera Picture File
.cam Gerber CAM Job File
.camrec Camtasia Studio Screen Recording
.cap Packet Capture File
.cap Construct Game Development File
.car Brew Component Application Resource File
.car CAR Archive
.catpart CATIA V5 Part File
.cbr Comic Book RAR Archive
.cbz Comic Book ZIP Archive
.ccd CloneCD Disk Image
.ccf CryptLoad Container File
.cct Director Protected Cast Resource
.cd CD-i OptImage
.cd Visual Studio Class Diagram
.cda CD Audio Track Shortcut
.cdb Pocket Access Database
.cdb Symbian Phonebook Database
.cdb CardScan Contacts Database
.cdd ConceptDraw PRO Document
.cdg Compact Disc Plus Graphics Image
.cdi DiscJuggler Disc Image
.cdp Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack
.cdp CD/Spectrum Pro File
.cdr Raw Audio CD Data
.cdr Crash Data Retrieval Data File
.cdr CorelDRAW Image File
.cdr Macintosh DVD/CD Master
.cdt ConceptDraw PRO Template
.cdt CorelDRAW Image Template
.cdx CorelDRAW Compressed File
.cdx Compound Index File
.cdx ConceptDraw PRO XML Document
.ceb Apabi eBook File
.cer Internet Security Certificate
.cfg Citrix Server Connection File
.cfg MAME Configuration File
.cfg Configuration File
.cfm ColdFusion Markup File
.cfm ColdFusion Markup File
.cfr Cross Fire Replay File
.cgi Common Gateway Interface Script
.cgm Computer Graphics Metafile
.chk Saved File Fragment
.chk StarCraft Chunk File
.chk InterCheck Checksum Database
.chm Compiled HTML Help File
.chr Borland Character Set
.chr 3ds Max Characters File
.cht SNES Cheat File
.chw Compiled Help Index File
.cil ClipArt Gallery Packaged File
.cl4 Easy CD Creator 4 Project File
.cl5 Easy CD Creator 5 Saved Project
.class Java Class File
.clb ICQ Contact List
.clb COM+ Catalog File
.clg Collage Maker Project File
.clg Windows Catalog File
.clk Corel R.A.V.E Project File
.clm MagicJack Call Log File
.clm GenePattern CEL Descriptor File
.cls Program Class File
.cmp Solid Edge Wire Harness File
.cmp Generic CADD Component File
.cnf Telnet Configuration File
.cnt Help Contents File
.cnv Canvas 6-8 Drawing File
.cod Atlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document
.cod Compiled Source Code
.col Grand Theft Auto Collision File
.com DOS Command File
.con Battlefield 1942 Configuration File
.con Concept Application Source File
.conf Generic Configuration File
.conf Unix Configuration File
.config Configuration File
.contact Windows Contact File
.cp Xcode C++ Source File
.cp Captivate Source File
.cpc CPC Compressed Image File
.cpgz Compressed CPIO Archive
.cpi Codepage Information File
.cpi AVCHD Video Clip Information File
.cpp C++ Source Code File
.cpt DTS Compact Audio File
.cpt Compact Pro Archive
.cpt Corel Photo-Paint Document
.cpt Pocket Slides Presentation
.cpt Ccrypt Encrypted Archive
.cpy eCopy Desktop File
.cr2 Canon Raw Image File
.cr2 Poser Character Rigging File
.crash Mac OS X Crash Log File
.crc Total Commander Checksum File
.crw Canon Raw CIFF Image File
.crx Chrome Extension
.cs CLEO Custom Script
.cs Visual C# Source Code File
.csd Compact Shared Document
.cso Compressed ISO Disk Image
.csp Concept Server Page
.css Cascading Style Sheet
.cst Canvas Custom Set File
.cst ContentServ Template
.csv Comma Separated Values File
.ct Scitex Continuous Tone File
.ct Cheat Engine Cheat Table
.ctb AutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style File
.ctg Canon Digital Camera Catalog File
.ctl StepMania SMZIP Package Description File
.ctl Visual Basic UserControl Object File
.ctt Messenger Contact List
.cue Cue Sheet File
.cue CDRWin Cue Sheet
.cur Windows Cursor
.cva HP Systems Software Manager Information File
.cva Canvas Sequence Set
.cvs Canvas 3 Drawing File
.cwk ClarisWorks Document
.cxt Director Protected Cast File

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