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b File Extensions
File types with extensions that start with the letter b
.b BASIC Source File
.bad Exchange Badmail File
.bak Backup File
.bak Firefox Bookmarks Backup
.bak Firefox Bookmarks Backup
.bak Backup File
.bak ACT! Backup File
.bak ACT! Backup File
.bas BASIC Source Code File
.bat DOS Batch File
.bc BitComet Partially Downloaded File
.bc Adobe Bridge Cache File
.bcc Calendar Creator File
.bcf Business Card Designer Pro File
.bck VMX Backup File
.bdmv Blu-ray Disc Movie Information File
.bib Bibliography Document
.bib BibTeX Bibliography Database
.bif Boot Information File
.big Electronic Arts Game Data File
.bik Video Game Movie File
.bik BINK Video File
.bin Unix Executable File
.bin Macbinary Encoded File
.bin Atari 2600 Game ROM
.bin Generic Binary File
.bin Sega Genesis Game ROM
.bin CDRWin CD Image
.bin Binary Video File
.bin Nintendo DS Binary File
.bix Civilization 3 Scenario
.bix Kodicom Video File
.biz Broderbund Business Card File
.bk FrameMaker Book File
.bk1 ERwin Backup File
.bk1 Autodesk Backup File
.bkf Windows Backup Utility File
.bkp Backup File
.blb Blob Data File
.bld Envisioneer Building Project File
.blt AIM Buddy List
.bm2 Subspace Bitmap File
.bm2 Boardmaker Interactive Board File
.bmk Nokia Device Bookmark File
.bmk PowerDVD MovieMark File
.bmk Help Bookmarks
.bmp Bitmap Image File
.bnk Test Drive Unlimited Data Package
.bom Mac OS X Bill of Materials File
.boot InstallShield Boot File
.box E-mail Mailbox
.box Kodicom Video
.box CARA Loudspeaker Design File
.bpl AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.bpl Borland Package Library
.bro CreataCard Brochure Project
.bro Broadleaf Tree Model
.bro Bryce Plug-in
.brw Calyx Point Borrower File
.bsb BioShock Saved Game File
.bsp Quake Engine Game Map File
.btw BarTender Label
.bup DVD IFO Backup File
.bup Backup File
.bz2 Bzip2 Compressed File

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