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System Files File Types
System Files
.00 Shared Library Link File
.8xu TI-83 Plus Operating System File
.adm Administrative Template File
.ani Windows Animated Cursor
.aos ARCHOS PCtablet Firmware File
.bmk Nokia Device Bookmark File
.bmk Help Bookmarks
.bom Mac OS X Bill of Materials File
.cab Windows Cabinet File
.clb COM+ Catalog File
.cnt Help Contents File
.cpi Codepage Information File
.crash Mac OS X Crash Log File
.cur Windows Cursor
.desklink Desktop Shortcut
.dll Dynamic Link Library
.dmp Windows Memory Dump
.drv Device Driver
.dss DCC Active Designer File
.dvd DOS Device Driver
.efi Extensible Firmware Interface File
.elf Executable and Linkable Format File
.etl Microsoft Event Trace Log File
.evt Windows Event Viewer Log File
.hdmp Windows Heap Dump
.htt Hypertext Template File
.icns Mac OS X Icon Resource File
.ico Icon File
.idx Index File
.ins Internet Naming Service File
.job Windows Task Scheduler Job File
.key Security Key
.lnk Windows File Shortcut
.manifest Windows Visual Styles File
.mapimail Send To Mail Recipient
.mdmp Windows Minidump
.mem Parallels Desktop Memory Dump File
.mui Multilingual User Interface File
.mydocs Send To My Documents
.nfo System Information File
.nls Microsoft National Language Support File
.nt Windows NT Startup File
.pdr Windows Port Driver
.pnf Precompiled INF File
.ppd PostScript Printer Description File
.prf Windows System File
.profile Bash Shell Profile
.prt Printer Driver File
.r Mac OS X Resource File
.reg Registry File
.rmt Router Firmware File
.ruf Samsung DVD and Blu-ray Player Firmware File
.sdb Custom Application Compatibility Database
.sfcache ReadyBoost Cache File
.sqm Service Quality Monitoring File
.str Windows Screensaver File
.sys Windows System File
.sys Windows System File
.sys Motorola Driver File
.sys Motorola Driver File
.vxd Virtual Device Driver
.wdf Windows Driver Foundation File

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