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Misc Files File Types
Misc Files
.000 Windows CE Installation Data File
.1 Unix Section 1 Man Page
.8xp TI-83 Plus Calculator File
.abr Adobe Photoshop Brushes File
.acl AutoCorrect List File
.adm Portfolio Admin-Level Access Flag
.annot Adobe Digital Editions Annotations File
.bc BitComet Partially Downloaded File
.bpl AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.cache Cache File
.chk Saved File Fragment
.chw Compiled Help Index File
.cpt Pocket Slides Presentation
.crc Total Commander Checksum File
.ctg Canon Digital Camera Catalog File
.dal Download Accelerator Plus URL List
.dap Download Accelerator Plus Partial Download
.dat Exchange E-mail Attachment
.db Windows Thumbnail Cache
.db Windows Thumbnail Cache
.dbx Outlook Express E-mail Folder
.dct Dictionary File
.dic Dictionary File
.dlm Akamai Download Manager File
.dsc CoolPix Disk Identification File
.dtf Domino Temporary File
.dus Readiris Font Dictionary
.dwl TurboCAD Drawing Lock File
.email Outlook Express Email Message
.email Outlook Express Email Message
.enc Encore Musical Notation File
.err AutoCAD Error Log File
.exd Control Information Cache File
.fdr Windows Error Report File
.file Generic Windows File
.fpk JetForm FormFlow File
.frm Form File
.fw Firmware Update File
.gg Google Desktop Gadget File
.gg Google Desktop Gadget File
.gp4 Guitar Pro 4 Tablature
.gpg GNU Privacy Guard Public Keyring
.gsp Geometer's Sketchpad File
.hex Hexadecimal Source File
.ics iCalendar File
.id Lotus Notes User ID File
.idlk Adobe InDesign Lock File
.idx Movie Subtitle File
.in Spyware File
.ind Memory Stick Formatting File
.info Generic Information File
.info Texinfo Document
.ipsw iPod and iPhone Software Update File
.itc iTunes Cover Flow Data File
.jad Java Application Descriptor File
.jc FlashGet Partial Download
.lay DVD Studio Pro Layout File
.lck Program Lock File
.ldb Microsoft Access Lock File
.lic Software License
.lid Kodak EasyShare Album File
.lock Lock File
.lrc Lyrics File
.lyr ArcView Layer File
.mbb Kodak EasyShare Data File
.mcf MasterCook 2 Cookbook File
.md5 MD5 Checksum File
.mdf Translation Memory Data Find File
.mdl Flight Simulator Airplane Model
.mmo Memory Map Overlay File
.mrk DPOF Auto Print Order File
.msf Mail Summary File
.msi Windows Installer Package
.mso Inline E-mail Attachment
.mso Microsoft Office Macro Reference File
.mso Microsoft Office Macro Reference File
.mso Inline E-mail Attachment
.msu Windows Vista Update Package
.mtd Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music File
.nk2 Outlook 2002 Nickname File
.nth Nokia Series 40 Theme File
.nwp Magnetic Wallpaper File
.odf OpenDocument Formula
.ods Outlook Express 5 Mailbox
.olb OLE Object Library
.ost Outlook Offline Folder File
.p7m Digitally Encrypted Message
.p7m Digitally Encrypted Message
.pando Pando File
.part Partially Downloaded File
.pes Brother Embroidery Format
.pgp PGP Security Key
.pla iriver iQuickList File
.plsc Messenger Plus! Live Script File
.ppf Paint Shop Pro Soft Plastic Preset File
.prs PlayStation Radio Player Location
.psf HP-UX Product Specification File
.psw Windows Password Reset Disk File
.pvm HP Photo Album
.pvm HP Photo Album
.rem BlackBerry Encrypted Data File
.rfp RoboForm Passcard File
.rnd PGP Random Seed File
.rnd Random Hash Data File
.rom Read Only Memory Image
.rtc Live Meeting Connection File
.rtm LabVIEW Run-Time Menu File
.rtp TurboTax Update File
.sbc Office Accounting Company Shortcut File
.search-ms Windows Saved Search File
.sfv Simple File Verification File
.shs Microsoft Scrap File
.shx Motorola Flash Superfile
.sis Symbian Installation File
.sis Symbian Installation File
.sisx Symbian OS Installation File
.slf Symantec License File
.std CD/DVD Label Template
.tag DataFlex Query Tag
.temp Temporary (Temp) File
.thm Sony Ericsson Theme File
.tlb OLE Type Library
.tmb Timbuktu Pro Connection Document
.toc Eudora Table of Contents
.torrent BitTorrent File
.tpl Document Template
.ttx Trados TagEditor File
.unknown Unknown File Type
.unknown Unknown File Type
.unl Garmin Unlock File
.ver Version Record
.vfs Virtual File System Index
.vir Virus-Infected File
.vol Volfs File System Directory
.wal Winamp Modern Skin
.wba WindowBlinds Compressed Skin
.wsz Winamp Classic Skin
.xmp Extensible Metadata Platform File
.xnk Exchange Shortcut

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