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Game Files File Types
Game Files
.00 Hacha Split Archive File
.001 Snes9x Slot 2 Saved State
.abk Arena Opening Book File
.abk Need for Speed Underground Audio File
.acx Atari ST Program
.arc African Safari Data File
.big Electronic Arts Game Data File
.bik Video Game Movie File
.bin Sega Genesis Game ROM
.bin Atari 2600 Game ROM
.bin Nintendo DS Binary File
.bix Civilization 3 Scenario
.bnk Test Drive Unlimited Data Package
.bsb BioShock Saved Game File
.bsp Quake Engine Game Map File
.cdp Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack
.cfr Cross Fire Replay File
.chk StarCraft Chunk File
.cht SNES Cheat File
.col Grand Theft Auto Collision File
.con Battlefield 1942 Configuration File
.cs CLEO Custom Script
.ct Cheat Engine Cheat Table
.dat Minecraft Server Data File
.dat SimCity 4 Game Data File
.db X-Ray Engine Database
.db X-Ray Engine Database
.ddt Football Manager Keep Player Data File
.dem Video Game Demo
.dif MAME CHD Diff File
.dl Zoo Tycoon 2 Data File
.elf PlayStation Executable File
.eng Chess Engine
.ff Call of Duty 4 Fast File
.fl Freelancer Saved Game File
.fpg FPS Creator Game Project File
.fsg FreeCol Saved Game File
.gam Saved Game File
.gb Game Boy ROM File
.gba Game Boy Advance ROM
.gbc Game Boy Color ROM
.gcf Game Cache File
.grf Ragnarok Client Archive
.ibt Texture and Model File
.inp MAME Replay File
.inv INVedit File
.ips Internal Patching System Patch File
.iwd Call of Duty Game Data File
.ldb Max Payne Level File
.lvl Game Level File
.map Quake Engine Map File
.max Action Replay Max Save File
.mdl Half-Life Model File
.mdm Mario Dash Map File
.mem Virtual Game Station Memory File
.mix Command & Conquer Data File
.mod Neverwinter Nights Module
.mpq Blizzard Mo'PaQ File
.mps Max Payne Saved Game
.n64 Nintendo 64 Emulator ROM File
.ncf No Cache File
.nds Nintendo DS Game ROM
.nes Nintendo (NES) ROM File
.nfo Age of Empires Player File
.odf Battlezone Object Definition File
.ovl Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Sprites File
.p3t PlayStation 3 Theme File
.package Electronic Arts Game Package File
.pak Video Game Package
.pbp PSP Firmware Update File
.pcc Mass Effect 2 Package
.peg Peggle Replay File
.pgn Portable Game Notation File
.pk3 Quake 3 Engine Game Data File
.pkg PlayStation Store Downloaded Package
.pkm Pokemon Saved Game Data File
.pl1 Adventure Maker Plug-in
.pln Flight Simulator Flight Plan
.ppf PlayStation Patch Format File
.profile Pandemic Studios Game Player Profile
.prx PSP Plugin File
.psv PlayStation 2 Save File
.pzp Tibo [email protected] Compressed Puzzle File
.rep StarCraft Replay File
.rep Grand Theft Auto Replay File
.rez Lithtech Game Engine Resource File
.rfa Battlefield 1942 Game Package
.rom N64 Game ROM File
.run Rune Map File
.sav Nintendo DS Save File
.sav Saved Game
.scm StarCraft Map File
.scn SimCity Scenario File
.scn Age of Mythology Scenario File
.sfo PSP Game Parameters File
.sgm VisualBoyAdvance Saved Game
.sid Steam Game Data Backup File
.smc Super Nintendo Game ROM
.smd Sega Mega Drive ROM
.sms Sega Master System ROM File
.sps Quake 3 Engine Speaker Definition File
.sqm Operation Flashpoint Mission File
.srm Super Nintendo ROM Save File
.sta MAME Saved State File
.sub SubTerra Level File
.sub SubTerra Level File
.tap Tap Tap Revenge Tap File
.toc World of Warcraft Add-on Table of Contents File
.trk Pacific Fighters Offline Track File
.v64 Nintendo 64 ROM Dump
.vb Virtual Boy ROM File
.vdf Gothic Game Data File
.vdf Gothic Game Data File
.vis Visibility Image File
.vob Live for Speed Car File
.vob Live for Speed Car File
.vol Video Game Archive
.vtf Valve Texture File
.w3x Warcraft 3 Expansion Map FIle
.wad Compressed Game Data
.wad Wally Game Texture Archive
.wal Quake 2 Texture File
.wdb Blizzard World of Warcraft Database File
.wdf Wiimm Disc File
.wmf Widelands Map File
.wpt Cube 2 Waypoint File
.wtf World of Warcraft Text File
.wz MapleStory Game Data File
.wz Warzone 2100 Data File
.z2f Zoo Tycoon 2 Object File
.z64 Nintendo 64 Game ROM
.zoo Zoo Tycoon Saved Game

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