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Disk Image Files File Types
Disk Image Files
.000 Virtual CD ISO File
.aa Generic CD Image
.adf Amiga Disk File
.bif Boot Information File
.bin CDRWin CD Image
.ccd CloneCD Disk Image
.cd CD-i OptImage
.cdi DiscJuggler Disc Image
.cdr Macintosh DVD/CD Master
.cl5 Easy CD Creator 5 Saved Project
.cso Compressed ISO Disk Image
.cue CDRWin Cue Sheet
.cue Cue Sheet File
.dmg Mac OS X Disk Image
.dmg Mac OS X Disk Image
.dsk Disk Image
.dvd CloneCD DVD Information File
.fcd Virtual CD Format
.flg IsoPuzzle Flag File
.flp Floppy Disk Image
.gcd Prassi CD Image
.gi Global Image
.gi RecordNow! CD Image
.ima Disk Image
.img CloneCD Disk Image Data File
.img Macintosh Disk Image
.iso Disc Image File
.isz Zipped ISO Disk Image
.mdf Media Disc Image File
.mds Media Descriptor File
.ncd NTI CD-Maker Disc Image
.nrg Nero CD/DVD Image File
.nri Nero ISO CD Compilation File
.pdi InstantCopy Disc Image
.pqi PowerQuest Drive Image
.pvm Parallels Virtual Machine
.pvm Parallels Virtual Machine
.rcl Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 Project
.rdf PowerProducer Disc Image
.sdi Windows System Deployment Image
.smi Self-Mounting Disk Image
.swm Split Windows Imaging Format File
.tap Commodore 64 Cassette Tape Image
.tib Acronis True Image File
.toc Brasero Table of Contents File
.udf Universal Disk Format File
.uif Universal Image Format Disc Image
.vcd FarStone Virtual Drive
.vcd Virtual CD
.vhd Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
.vhd Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
.vmdk Virtual Machine Disk File
.wim Windows Imaging Format File

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