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Data Files File Types
Data Files
.8xk TI-83 Plus Application Upgrade File
.ab1 DNA Electropherogram File
.ab2 Print Shop Address Book File
.abi DNA Chromatogram File
.aby AOL Address Book File
.adx Approach Index File
.arc Nintendo Archive File
.bc Adobe Bridge Cache File
.bcc Calendar Creator File
.bin Generic Binary File
.bk FrameMaker Book File
.blb Blob Data File
.bld Envisioneer Building Project File
.bm2 Boardmaker Interactive Board File
.box E-mail Mailbox
.brw Calyx Point Borrower File
.caf Class Action Gradebook File
.cap Packet Capture File
.cct Director Protected Cast Resource
.cdp CD/Spectrum Pro File
.cdr Crash Data Retrieval Data File
.cdx Compound Index File
.chk InterCheck Checksum Database
.cl4 Easy CD Creator 4 Project File
.clb ICQ Contact List
.clg Collage Maker Project File
.clk Corel R.A.V.E Project File
.clm MagicJack Call Log File
.clm GenePattern CEL Descriptor File
.contact Windows Contact File
.csv Comma Separated Values File
.ctl StepMania SMZIP Package Description File
.ctt Messenger Contact List
.cva Canvas Sequence Set
.cwk ClarisWorks Document
.cxt Director Protected Cast File
.dal DVD-lab Project File
.dat Data File
.data Analysis Studio Offline Data File
.dbd DemoShield Project
.dbf FoxPro Table
.dbf FoxPro Table
.dcf Document Computation Format
.dcm DiskCatalogMaker Catalog File
.dct AutoCAD Dictionary File
.ddt Diagram Designer Template
.des QuickBooks Forms Template
.dex DEXIS Digital X-ray File
.dif Data Interchange Format
.dsb Orchida Embroidery File
.dta Chain Engineering Database
.dtd Design Tools Draw File
.dwp DarkWave Studio Project File
.eas RSLogix Symbol File
.edf ESRF Data File
.edf Estimator Data File
.efx eFax Document
.egp Easy Grade Pro Gradebook File
.enc Electronic Navigation Chart File
.env Adobe Dictionary Data File
.enw EndNote Citation File
.epf Edgecam Educational Part File
.epp Efficient PPC Project File
.epp TalaPhoto Project
.esp ACD/Labs Dataset
.est Construction Cost Estimate File
.esx Xactimate Insurance Claims Estimate
.ev3 Team Manager Meet Event File
.exp Export File
.exp Aurora Expert Trace File
.exx IBM Linkway MsgPut File
.fdb Portfolio Catalog
.fdb Art Explosion Catalog
.fil Files List Object File
.flo RFFlow Flowchart File
.flo iGrafx FlowCharter File
.flp Flash Project
.flp Activprimary Flipchart File
.flt Flight Simulator Saved Flight
.frm ADL Form
.ftl Family Tree Legends File
.ftm Family Tree Maker for DOS File
.ftw Family Tree Maker File
.ged GEDCOM Genealogy Data File
.gen ArcView ARC/INFO UnGenerate file
.gno GenoPro Genealogy Tree File
.gp3 Guitar Pro 3 File
.gpi Garmin Point of Interest File
.grf DPlot Graph File
.grf Generic Graph File
.gwp Greetings Workshop Project File
.hcr HydroCAD Rainfall Curve Data File
.hmt HighMAT File
.hst History File
.id2 Windows Live Messenger Emoticon File
.idx Navigation POI File
.idx HMI Historical Log Index File
.ies IES Photometric Data File
.iif Intuit Interchange Format File
.inp ABAQUS Input File
.ins Inspiration File
.inx Compiled Script
.ip IconPackager Theme File
.irp Internet Researcher Project File
.irx Brewer Irradiation File
.isf Inspiration Flowchart Document
.ist Inspiration Template
.itl iTunes Library File
.itl iTunes Library File
.jef Janome Embroidery Format
.jmp JMP Data File
.jnt Windows Journal File
.kap BSB Chart Image File
.kdc Kaspersky Virus Database File
.key Keynote Presentation
.kid Kidspiration Document
.las LIDAR Data Exchange File
.lbl NiceLabel Template File
.ldf SQL Server Transaction Log File
.ldif LDAP Data Interchange Format File
.lex Adobe Linguistic Library Data File
.lib Generic Data Library
.lng MAME Language File
.loc GPS Location File
.lsp LANsurveyor Poll List
.lst LightScribe Label Template
.m Mathematica Input File
.map Weather Defender Map
.mbb ManaBook Book File
.mcd Mathcad Document
.md Moneydance Financial Data File
.mdf Measurement Data Format File
.mdl Rational Rose Model File
.mdl Simulink Model File
.mdm HLM Multivariate Data Matrix File
.mem Mnemosyne Card Collection
.met eMule Resource File
.mm FreeMind Mind Map
.mmap MindManager Map File
.mmf Microsoft Message File
.mmp Master Album Maker Project
.mmp MindManager Mind Map
.mno Macromedia Design Note
.mny Microsoft Money File
.mpd File List Creator Playlist
.mpj Minitab Project File
.mpp Microsoft Project File
.mpt Microsoft Project Template
.mq4 MetaTrader Custom Indicator
.mtw Minitab Worksheet File
.mxc2 MAGIX Cache File
.nbp Mathematica Player Notebook File
.ndx dBASE Index File
.net netViz Project File
.nfo Folio Views Infobase File
.not Notation File
.notebook SMART Notebook File
.nrl Autonomy Interwoven Link File
.obj Relocatable Object Code
.odf Open Document File
.odp OpenDocument Presentation
.ofc Open Financial Connectivity File
.ofm OmniForm Form
.oft Outlook File Template
.ofx Open Financial Exchange File
.one OneNote Document
.opx OrgPlus Org Chart
.opx FlipAlbum Photo Album File
.org Lotus Organizer File
.out Output File
.pab Personal Address Book
.paf Personal Ancestral File
.pbd ProBID+ Data File
.pcap Packet Capture Data
.pcb Printed Circuit Board Design File
.pcr PCMark Vantage Benchmark File
.pd4 Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.pd5 Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File
.pdb Protein Data Bank File
.pdd Medtronic Programmer Data File
.pdo Pepakura Designer File
.pds Planetary Data System File
.pf Windows Prefetcher File
.pfc AOL Personal File Cabinet
.pfl Family Lawyer Document
.pka Packet Tracer Activity File
.pln Spaceman Planogram File
.pls MYOB Accounting Data File
.pls MYOB Accounting Data File
.pmo Broderbund Print Meta Object File
.pmo Pegasus Saved Message File
.pos Trimble Position File
.potx PowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template
.ppf Edgecam Pathtrace Part File
.ppf Transit NXT Pack Project File
.ppf Publisher Project File
.ppp CyberLink PowerProducer Project
.pps PowerPoint Slide Show
.ppsm PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide Show
.ppsx PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show
.ppt PowerPoint Presentation
.pptm PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation
.pptx PowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.prc Corel Presentation
.pre Lotus Freelance Graphics File
.prf Plot Station Plot Request File
.prj AIMMS Project File
.prj Project File
.prs Calyx Point Prospect File
.prs Harvard Graphics Presentation
.prt Presentations Template
.psa Photoshop Album Catalog File
.psf SPI Proxy Output File
.psf GPS Prediction Support File
.pst Outlook Personal Information Store File
.ptb Power Tab File
.ptf Scrapbook Flair Template
.ptn PaperPort Thumbnail File
.pxc Photodex Cache File
.pxj RecordNow Project
.pxl Pocket Excel File
.qbw QuickBooks Data File
.qdat QuickTime Install Cache File
.qdf Quicken Data File
.qdf Snapform File
.qel Quicken Electronic Library
.qfx Quicken Financial Exchange File
.qif Quicken Interchange Format File
.qif Quicken Interchange Format File
.qm Qt Compiled Translation Source File
.qph Nokia Qt Phrase Books File
.qph Quicken Price History File
.qrp QuSoft QuickReports File
.qsd Quicken Data File
.rdb N64 ROM Database
.ref Microsoft Train Simulator Reference File
.rfa Revit Family File
.rfo RoboForm Option File
.rpd Roleplay Designer Data File
.rpt Crystal Reports File
.rsc Symbian Application Compiled Resource File
.rsp RSLogix PLC Program File
.rvt Revit Project File
.rwg Random Word Generator Project File
.sav SPSS Data File
.sbf SmartBroker Data
.sbk Multimedia ToolBook System Book
.sbw US Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard File
.sch EAGLE Schematics File
.scm Samsung Channel List File
.sdf Standard Data File
.sdf Structure Data File
.seq DNA Sequence Text File
.ser GeneMapper Project File
.sgn Slax Boot File
.shw Corel Presentation
.shx Shapefile Index File
.sim SAP Tutor File
.sonic DigitalMedia Project File
.spo SPSS Statistical Data Output File
.sps SPSS Program File
.spv SPSS Output File
.sta ABAQUS Status File
.sta Adobe Photoshop Match Color Image Statistics File
.stk Stickfigure Animator File
.stm Exchange Streaming Media File
.stp Analysis Studio Project Information File
.str dBASE Structure List Object File
.stw STATISTICA Workbook
.swk StudyWorks Save File
.tar Consolidated Unix File Archive
.tax TurboTax Tax Return
.tbk ToolBook File
.tbl StarCraft Information Table
.tcx Training Center Database File
.tdt THOR Data Tree File
.tdt FirstBreak Concrete Test File
.tef TablEdit Tablature
.tfa TreeSoft CashFlow Analysis Data File
.tlx Standard Dictionary File
.tps Multi Channel Measurement File
.trk CompeGPS Land Track File
.trk Garmin Track File
.trs Rosetta Stone Language Data File
.trs WinTrack Railroad Track Text File
.trx WebAuthorize Batch File
.trx Firmware Image File
.ts Nokia Qt Translation Source File
.tst TestPoint Test File
.tsv Tab Separated Values File
.txd Game Texture Dictionary
.txf Tax Exchange Format
.txf Transit XV Pack Translation File
.update ISAPI Update File
.uwl User Word List File
.vcd Value Change Dump File
.vce Visual CertExam Exam File
.vce Visual CertExam Exam File
.vcf vCard File
.vcs vCalendar Event File
.vfs VentaFax Schedule File
.vi LabVIEW Virtual Instrument File
.vi LabVIEW Virtual Instrument File
.w02 Split Archive File
.wab Windows Address Book
.wb1 Corel Quattro Pro File
.wb2 Corel Quattro Pro File
.wb3 Corel Quattro Pro 7 and 8 File
.wdf WinGenea Genealogy File
.wdf Workshare Compare DeltaFile
.wk1 Lotus Worksheet
.wk4 Lotus 4 Worksheet
.wpc Pazzles Cutting File
.wpc WordPad Converter File
.xfd FormFlow 99 Form Data File
.xfd XFD File
.xlt Excel Template
.xml XML File
.xpt SAS Transport File
.xsn InfoPath Form Template File
.xyz Molecule Specification File
.zdb Quicken Online File
.zdb EPSQ Database
.zix Quicken Online File

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